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Who should take this career assessment?

Our online career assessment is suitable for males and females aged 15 and over. Our research has shown that the results for our career assessment test were most accurate for participants aged 15 and over.

In particular, the career assessment test is suitable for the following groups:

1. School Leavers

Many students finish school and have absolutely no idea what they want to do. Some go out and get a job, some go traveling overseas and others enrol in a degree at college or university and hope for the best.

The problem with this approach is that many students find they don’t enjoy their course and drop out in the first year or struggle through it until they can transfer to a new course. This is a waste of money and time.

To minimize the risk of this occurring, we recommend that school leavers take our online career assessment test prior to making a decision on their future career. Not only will they receive a list of suggested careers, but they will find out which college majors they are most likely to enjoy.

2. College and University Graduates

After graduating from college or university, many students don’t know what type of job they want. They may have enjoyed their subjects but have no idea how to transfer their knowledge to the world of work.

Unfortunately many of these students end up in a job that is completely unrelated to their studies and is totally unsatisfying for them.

To reduce the risk of this happening, we advise students to take our online career assessment test prior to applying for graduate positions. This will clarify the careers that best suit them and direct them into the most appropriate role.

3. People who are looking for a career change

On average we have around five career changes and 29 different jobs throughout our lifetime.* It is therefore not surprising that many people are ready for a career change after only 2-3 years of graduating from college or university.

Considering that we are working longer and longer hours, it is important that we enjoy what we do. When people are dissatisfied with their job, it affects their relationships with their family and friends.

If you are unhappy in your job it might be time to consider a career change. Start by taking our online career assessment. Our test will identify the careers that best suit you and will provide you with suggested areas of study that you are likely to enjoy. Furthermore, our career assessment test will give you an action plan and a list of recommended websites for researching each career.

People who are interested to see if they are in the ‘right’ career

For people who enjoy their job but are interested to find out what other careers they are suited to, our onlinecareer assessment test is the perfect tool.

Often people fall into a job without spending much time thinking about what actually interests them. They may have been offered a job at a young age and found themselves staying in that job for the next 10-15 years.

In this situation, we recommend people do our online career assessment test and speak to a Career Counsellor to find out what other careers they are suited to and whether they should consider a career change.

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* Study conducted by Professor Johanna Wynn from Melbourne University, titled ‘Youth, Education and Risk: Facing the Future.’

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