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How do I choose a career test?

With so many online career tests available, it can be quite overwhelming choosing which one to take.

When we initially researched online career tests, we found that the majority of tests gave us inaccurate results. As a result we set out to create a more accurate test that would provide participants with specific careers related to their interests. After more than five years of research, we launched the Groper Career Test in 2006.

This test assesses your interest in more than 170 different occupations to produce around five to ten specific career suggestions. Furthermore, it provides recommendations on the areas of study you are most likely to enjoy.

Our online career test uses a five point Likert scale where you are asked to rate your level of interest in a variety of activities from strongly like to strongly dislike. We believe this is the best method of assessing work related interests.

Many of the online tests we found were ‘fun’ but not serious tests. They gave us a list of suggestions based on our response to a 5 minute quiz, rather than an in-depth assessment. We advise against taking these tests.

Not only are they often inaccurate but they can misguide you into pursuing the wrong career. Considering the cost of education these days, this can result in a huge financial burden, not to mention the disruption and stress associated with changing careers.

We recommend you choose an online career test developed by an experienced career counselor or psychologist who has researched and tested the assessment over a number of years with clients of different ages and backgrounds.

Our online career test has been developed by a professional career counsellor and has been tested with clients aged 15-55 over a five year period.

Every year it is updated to include the latest careers, university and college majors and job search websites. It is suitable for both males and females.

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